UK hospitals: is yours filthy or healthy?


The UK’s healthcare industry doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation. For every news story about a recovering patient, there’s a fear-ridden tale of “Ebola scares!” and “MRSA frights!” And alarming headlines always beat comforting ones.

But sometimes these fears aren’t all media bluster. Take the story that Glasgow ambulance crews regularly fail hand washing tests, or that a government body revealed that 5,000 patients lose their lives to superbugs contracted IN HOSPITALS.

These are more than simple scare stories – these are signs that hospital hygiene needs to be shaken up.

Filth, dirt and grime won’t just lead your hospital down a path of reputation-destroying headlines. They could lead it into the hands of private investors, giving you the type of healthcare that’ll put you in more debt than a shaking gambler insisting he’s “got a system”.

When you’re running an NHS hospital, you’re performing a tightrope walk act between effective healthcare and stringent budgeting.

With that in mind, how can you keep your hospital clean – on a shoestring?

Know the pros

Little beats the knowledge of a professional healthcare waste company. It’s the type of outside help you need to keep your hospital in tip-top condition.

Not only this, but a hospital with an outstanding hospital hygiene record will receive better PR than Mother Teresa.
Just take the small infirmary in Falkirk as a glowing example. It managed to receive a 100 per cent hygiene rating thanks to the prodigious efforts of its staff, and received great headlines by way of compensation.

Just imagine your hospital receiving the same treatment. You’d be the wonder of the medical profession. So, call in the pros to give you a hand.


You might associate holograms with mad 50s’ sci-fi or projections of Tupac on the big stage – but they’re also being used to combat the spread of infection.

In various infirmaries, eye-catching holograms of nurses are being used to attract visitors and staff to hand hygiene terminals, mainly in a bid for a 100 per cent cleanliness statistic.

And they’ve found a greater uptake of these holograms than from a standard hand hygiene terminal. The novelty will possibly wear off, but for now it’s a tactic that’s helping hospitals stay clean.

Keep staff in the know

Your staff – be they doctors, nurses, cleaners or canteen workers – are on the frontline, fighting the good fight for cleanliness in an endless war. And you have to make sure they’re always in the know.

Set up regular fresher courses to let all health professionals know new information on hygiene. With new superbugs lurking around the corner all the time, hygiene has to be nimbler on its feet.

So let everyone in your hospital know where they’re going wrong – you might even learn a thing or two yourself.


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