Tissue Engineering and Immunology Protocols, on Video


The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)m is the first online academic journal devoted to video-publication of biological research. The 7th issue, just released online, features instructional videos on advanced approaches in tissue engineering and immunology, including:

Silicon microchips for manipulating cell-cell interaction Elliot Hui and Sangeeta Bhatia (MIT)
Murine Pancreatic Islet Isolation Gregory L. Szot, Pavel Koudria, Jeffrey A. Bluestone (UCSF)
A gradient-generating microfluidic device for cell biology Bong Geun Chung, Amir Manbachi, Ali Khademhosseini (MIT)
To date, JoVE has so far released 7 monthly issues that include over 120 video-articles on experimental approaches in developmental biology, neuroscience, microbiology and other fields. Check them out!


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