Symptoms for Aids that you need to watch out for


Did you have unprotected sex with someone you didn’t know? Or had a blood transfusion during your hospital stay? Worried that the blood donation drive you went for might have used unsterilized needles? The problem with an ailment like HIV/AIDS is most people believe they can’t get it but the virus knows no class. But before you go for a test, look for these symptoms which might be suggestive of being infected with the virus. Check it out!


Primary infection

The majority of people infected by HIV develop a flu-like illness within a month or two after the virus enters the body. This illness, known as primary or acute HIV infection, may last for a few weeks. Possible signs and symptoms include Fever, Headache, Muscle aches, Rash, Chills, Sore throat, Mouth or genital ulcers, swollen lymph glands, mainly on the neck and the most important thing is Joint pain, Night sweats and Diarrhea.

Although the symptoms of primary HIV infection may be mild enough to go unnoticed, the amount of virus in the bloodstream is particularly high at this time. As a result, HIV infection spreads more efficiently during primary infection than during the next stage of infection.

Clinical latent infection

Clinical latent infection typically lasts eight to 10 years. A few people stay in this stage even longer, but others progress to more severe disease much sooner.

Cure for AIDS

If you have HIV/AIDS, you can take combinations of medicines called “cocktails.” The drug cocktails are designed to strengthen the immune system to keep HIV from developing into AIDS or to relieve AIDS symptoms. These drugs are often very expensive, may have serious and very uncomfortable side effects, and may not be available to everyone. They only work for some people and may only work for limited periods of time. We all want to protect ourselves and each other from infections like HIV.


Learning more about HIV/AIDS is an important first step. So read out all the lines and get to know all the symptoms of Aids.


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