Seizure Detecting Dogs Before It Happens


Dogs are the best pet in many people’s home before a decade but now the dogs are the best partner in many disabled people, So far dogs done many roles in your life, now dogs are the best life saver for many people, recent decade the dogs helps human in different ways such as the Mobility Assist, Diabetes Assist, Autism Assist and Hearing Assist, apart from the all now dogs are the best partner for those who affected by the Seizure.

Seizure is the abnormal excessive or synchronous neuronal activity in the brain and the symptoms of it can be recognized by the uncontrolled jerking movement, during Seizure patients have more chances to broken their ankle, knees, nose due to the fall along with the uncontrolled jerking movement, these Seizures can’t be stopped yet by medicines and also no one can’t help the Seizure patient at the right time without any injury because no one knows when the Seizure will arrest the patient.


Now you may confused by these two passage because what the relative theory between the dogs and the Seizure patient. Seizure can be avoided easily by dogs, because they will intimate the patient before Seizure by alerting them in such a way by circling, pawing, barking, or other similar behaviors. They know the Seizure before it happen within a few minutes to an hour before it strikes.

All the dogs can’t do these things only the specialized dogs can do it; they are trained in such a way to analyze the Seizure before it comes. This service dogs are well trained by the well masters, during training some dogs will be specially trained because of their ability to do all fast and some dogs either do not catch on to the training.

Every Seizure patient no need to carry a service dogs all the time, which is specially for those who affected by the Seizure infrequently and who will get the Seizure randomly because all the times a person can’t go with them in that situation the service dogs will help, in many cases the service dogs do the calls the emergency units or relatives.


The dog stays with the person and licks their face to try and bring them out of their seizure. The dog may be trained to get help or bring a cordless telephone and also the dog wears a backpack with pockets that can hold medicine and medical alert information in case the person is unable to communicate. The application and training process for an assistance dog can take up to a year before you are certified as an assistance dog team.

So far the dogs used only as a pet but now it can save many Seizure patient lives in many ways, especially for the children who affected by Seizure below 18 years and many kids also because they can’t able to get the help as adults, so the Seizure dogs are really a great and best bone for the Seizure patients.


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