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This week, some entries from the Biotech Weblog have been featured in a couple of blog carnivals focusing on health and medicine. A blog carnival is a compendium of blog entries all related to a single theme e.g., medicine/medical practice, science, or health.
The Grand Rounds is a blogging carnival blogs written by the medical blogging community–doctors, nurses, students, and patients, among others– and also features basic science discoveries and commentaries on new medical devices and products. The Biotech Weblog has been participating to this carnival for some time now, and for this week, Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline includes the entry on role of RSP3 gene to Alzheimer’s Disease. Incidentally, having had extensive experience working in the pharma industry, Derek Lowe makes great commentaries on anything related to drug discovery and is a must-read blog for those in the business. I’ve added the blog to my list of recommended links.

The Carnival of Compassion is a relatively new carnival, mostly featuring stories and blogs from patients and caregivers, but also feaures articles on medical advances and technology. This week’s issue is hosted by Jenni Prokopy, who suffers from fibromyalgia, asthma and Raynaud’s phenomenon. Jenni collected resources and blog entries related to chronic disease, the Biotech Weblog being one of the sites she mentioned.

The Tangled Bank is a more heterogenous mix, all pertaining to science, not only applied and basic news and research, as well. A previous entry on the mouse brain atlas made it to Larry Ayer’s edition of the Tangled Bank.

I couldn’t have said it better than Medpundit. Too many carnivals, so little time to read. But imagine if there were no blog carnivals. How much more time would we be wasting sifting through the thousands of blogs out there to find what interest us? Browsing through the entries, I’ve found great articles I know readers of this weblog would also be interested in. So, don’t wait for me to finish up my reading, go click ahead and see the best in science/health/medical blogging, the links all collected in one place!


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