Ree-Trackt Medical Device Launched in the US


Ree-Trakt, the product of the first joint venture between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore and Insightra® Medical of Irvine California has been released for sale in the United States.


Ree-Trakt is the new generation of disposable soft-tissue surgical retractor systems that
provides complete retraction flexibility and optimal exposure of view in a variety of surgical
procedures. It has been designed for surgeons to gently retract and secure the delicate soft
tissue away from the operative site. Apart from making access to surgery easier and
efficient, Ree-Trakt is also designed to minimise tissue trauma, optimise retraction force
and lower the risk of infection. Ree-Trakt allows the surgeon to perform the procedure with
less assistance, in some cases facilitating procedures can even be performed single-

Ree-Trakt is expected to have a global market potential estimated at $2.5 billion, for which Insightra is conservatively targeting to capture US$180 million in global sales.


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