Pop Culture Probiotic Bars


PC Brands have launched the Pop Culture Probiotics bars, shelf stable all-natural bars containing GanedenBC30(TM), a patented probiotic strain from Ganeden Biotech that does not require refrigeration. The bars are said to contain 10x the amount of live culture than that found in yogurt.

Currently, GanedenBC30 is the only commercially available probiotic strain that can survive baking and other manufacturing processes. The ability of the strain to survive harsh manufacturing conditions and remain viable without refrigeration makes it ideal for inclusion in shelf-stable products like nutrition bars. Unlike many probiotic strains currently found in popular brands of yogurts, GanedenBC30 is able to survive the heat and pressure of manufacturing processes, as well as the acidic stomach environment due to the protection of the bacteria by a naturally-occurring hardened shell of organic material.

If that hardened shell can survive the acidic environment of the stomach, I wonder whether the live bacteria are released into the gut then.


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