PNA FISH Culture Identification Kits: Saves Hospitals in Anti-Fungal Expenditures


Physicians at the Duke University Medical Center” (Durham, NC) reported in the April 2006 issue of Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Diseases the potential cost savings of C. albicans PNA FISH: $1837 for each patient with a yeast-positive blood culture. PNA FISH is a novel Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization concept using Peptide Nucleic
acid probes targeting species-specific rRNA sequences. AdvanDx, Inc., the maker of the PNA FISH Culture

Identification Kits designed the product for rapid and accurate identification of positive blood culture bottles. Using these kits, the test results can be provided within 2.5 hours upon making a smear directly fro positive blood culture bottles.

“We are pleased to enable major medical centers such as Duke University among others to support appropriate antifungal prescribing strategies via our rapid tests,” said Thais T. Johansen, co-founder and CEO of AdvanDx, Inc. He added, “This paper emphasizes the significant benefits hospital enterprises can realize by implementing PNA FISH both in the microbiology lab and on the medical floors via a coordinated antibiotic utilization improvement program.”
To save on anti-fungal expenditures, hospitals must incorporate the C. albicans PNA FISH test as part of the initial

identification algorithm for yeasts recovered in blood. Source: AdvanDx Press Rlease


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