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For the best in laboratory glassware, Wheaton is a clear choice. Why? The main reason is that Wheaton is always testing and retesting their glassware to make sure it is only of the highest quality. For many years, Wheaton has been using Duran/Schott Glass for its glassware because it has been proven to work uniformly under varying conditions, including different temperatures and chemical resistances. Researchers at Wheaton are also constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve their supplies by making sure their products work under all conditions and adjusting them if need be.

The strict quality standards that Wheaton upholds are just one of the many ways Wheaton proves their commitment to excellence. Everyone at Wheaton understands that the only way that scientists can make sure that their research is reliable and capable of being retested is through high-quality supplies. The needs of scientists come first because they understand that proper and standard studies cannot be completed without the best tools. For this reason, all Wheaton products meet domestic and international standards for quality control.

Glassware Types

Wheaton produces many different types of glassware for scientists in a range of fields. Glassware includes, but is not limited to, glass bottles, flasks, cell culture equipment, vials, adapters, and alcohol burners. With all of these options, it is certain that you will find what you need for your experiments, no matter what you are studying.

Glass bottles are essential for almost every field of science. Often these types tend to be the most useful:

  • French square bottles
  • Boston round bottles
  • Volumetrically graduated bottles
  • Media bottles
  • Wide mouth packers

How do you know if any of these bottles fit into your experiments? If you are looking for sample, solvent, or chemical storage, for example, the Boston round bottle is right for you. If you are looking for a bottle to store dry powders or light sensitive samples, then the wide mouth packer is the correct choice. This glassware is named because of the wide lid, making the removal of content much more simple for you.

It’s incredibly important to know and understand the uses for each type of glassware.Even if you do not know which glassware to choose, do not fret – the customer service resources at Wheaton are available 24/7, and well-informed professionals can help you decide which glassware options are right for you. Just talk to one of their representatives and they will be able to help you out. Learn more about Wheaton and the many different glass bottles that Wheaton has to offer.

Chemistry Glassware

Chemists need glassware in a variety of sizes and dimensions. No matter the experiment, Wheaton has the glass adapters, connections, and alcohol burners for you and you team. All of these essential chemical devices are available in their store. Feel free to explore your options and decide what chemistry glassware would best benefit your research.

Another glassware product that Wheaton produces and sells in great quantities are flasks. Flasks are essential for many experiments involving liquid and gas transfer in laboratories. The flasks from Wheaton come in a great variety of sizes, ranging from 25 mL to 8000 mL, so the dimensions you require will always be available. Wheaton offers different types of flasks, including spinners, Erlenmeyer, nephelo culture flasks, and shake flasks.

Customer Service

In addition to having all these options, Wheaton features a customization service for customers. This means that if you are dealing with a project with detailed qualifications and you do not see it on the website, Wheaton can help you acquire these materials. They can also assist you in beveling, sandblasting, drilling, and lathing. It also extends to heat resistant coatings, salinization, and lamination.This is especially useful for scientists who work in very specialized areas and need a little extra for their lab equipment.

When it comes to cleaning, Wheaton is also willing to assist you with that as well. This includes sterile cleanings, surface cleanings, and TOC cleaning. All the customized glassware available from Wheaton takes functionality and aesthetics into account to make certain that you are using the best quality and bestlooking glassware available.

With Wheaton, you and your research team will know that they are using the best products available. The durability, precision, and overall quality of Wheaton glassware allows it stand out from all of the laboratory suppliers on the market. In fact, Wheaton has been in business now for 126 years. Since that time, Wheaton has been innovating, improving, and proving to customers that their commitment to excellence and quality makes them the leaders in the scientific glassware industry.If you have any questions or concerns regarding how Wheaton can improve the quality of your current or future operations, give them a call today.


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