Fighting Breast Cancer In America


Breast cancer is one of the most deadly and prevalent diseases that strikes women all across the world. In the United States, although the level of health care is generally better and more available than in other parts of the world, there is still a major gap in awareness that needs to be bridged. Many individuals and organizations are stepping forward to do their part in bringing awareness to the public on behalf of those who suffer from this disease.

Diagnosing The Worst Form Of Breast Cancer

Perhaps the worst form of breast cancer is the condition known as inflammatory breast cancer. This is a condition that occurs when cells become cancerous, and then begin to obstruct the lymph vessels that course through the region of the breast. As the cancer in the area worsens, the breast becomes swollen, noticeably reddened, and very sensitive. The breast becomes painful to the touch, and is thus referred to as “inflamed”.

This inflammatory form of breast cancer is one of the most deadly. This is because, once it develops, it can proceed extremely rapidly, often progressing to Stage III, or even Stage IV, in a matter of weeks or a very few months. Due to this rapidity, it is extremely important to catch and diagnosis this fatal form of cancer before it is allowed to progress too far to be stopped.

Cancer Isn’t The Death Sentence It Used To Be

Although there is as yet no cure for cancer in general, or breast cancer in particular, it is true that much progress has been made in the past few decades. Particular types of cancer have been successfully treated. In general, there is a far greater chance of surviving cancer than ever before. Success still depends on early diagnosis and aggressive treatment. In short, cancer isn’t necessarily the automatic sentence of death that it used to be.

Do Your Part To Help Stamp Out Breast Cancer

If you’d like to do your part in fighting breast cancer, there are plenty of organizations that are available for you to donate your time, presence, and money to. The Breast Cancer Society is one of the foremost organizations in America that works to create awareness of this pernicious form of cancer. They have a website that you can log on to in order to learn more about how you can help stamp out breast cancer, once and for all.


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