Electric Device To Treat Brain Tumors Enters Phase III Clinical Trials


The University of Illinois at Chicago has initiated the recruitment of patients for a clinical trial to compare traditional treatment for brain tumors such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to a new noninvasive therapy that provides alternating electrical fields directly to the surface of the head.

Following a baseline MRI to determine the location of the tumor, several electrodes are placed on the patient’s shaved head. The electrodes are connected to a medical device with alternating electric fields powered by a portable battery. The patient remains on the portable device for 22 hours a day, indefinitely, while continuing his or her daily activities at home.
Although this treatment might not likely cure diseases such as glioblastoma multiforme, it may help extend the life of certain patients.

To see further information regarding this clinical trial funded by NovoCure, Ltd., click here. Individuals who may want to participate will also find the eleigibility criteria from ClinicalTrials.gov.


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