DuPont and Bunge To Venture Into Biofels


In 2003, Dupont and Bunge North America formed a collaboration to develop soy food products using Dupont’s Pioneer® brand soybean varieties. Under this partnership, low linolenic soybean oil were produced for use in the food manufacturing industry, as an alternative to trans fat. It was previously marketed as NUTRIUM Low Linolenic Soybean Oil, but will now be marketed as TREUS™ Low Linolenic Soybean Oil.

Aside from this, Dupont and Bunge also announced that they will be venturing beyond food and nutrition products to include industrial applications, biofuels and other opportunities.
“Over the three years of our collaboration, we have seen the interest in biofuel, industrial and feed sectors expand exponentially. We are making strides to bring products to market to meet the growing demand,” said Erik Fyrwald, group vice president, DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition.

More information about LowLin soybean oil and the companies’ venture into the biofuels market from this multimedia press release (includes several informative pdf files for downloading).


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