Couple Survives Fire without Working Smoke Detectors In Home


You must have heard your parents telling you never to play with fire? Yes, well, fire happens to be one of the most dangerous elements on the earth. It can cause severe damage to both life and property if not stopped at the right time. And it so happened that a house caught fire in the East Bay Township. It was 3 in the morning when the house caught fire. The couple who owned the house was asleep. It seems that their house was equipped with defective smoke detectors.

What are smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors are small devices that can sense smoke. Usually, when something catches fire, it burns emitting smoke in huge quantities. Now smoke detectors detect this smoke and issue a signal to the fire alarm control panel. The fire alarm control panel is actually a part of the fire alarm system. On detecting smoke, these detectors, also known as smoke alarms, issue a loud sound letting the owner or whoever happens to be in that particular area about the fire. Smoke detectors are actually the reason to why most of the times the fire is stopped way before it gets out of hand.

What is a medical alert system?

Now since this house was equipped with smoke detectors that weren’t working, there wasn’t any way for the owners of the house to find out about the fire. However, luckily, their house also happened to be equipped with a medical alert system that had low batteries. Now, what is a medical alert system? You might ask. Well, this is a system which has a wireless transmitter that gets activated in case of an emergency.

When this medical alert alarm gets activated a signal is transmitted to an alarm that is monitoring the central station of the company. It can also transmit a signal to any other emergency agency or to any other program phone numbers as well. Medical personnel are then sent out to the area from where this alarm was activated. These medical alert systems are usually used in houses where elderly and disable people live alone. This way if any emergency were to arise, these people would be provided with help.

It seems that the couple was very lucky, for they did not know that their house had a medical alert system installed. The fire had started outside and it had soon made its way inside of the house, causing the alarm to activate. The Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department quickly responded to the emergency.

The alert system had lost power. Therefore when the alarm had activated it had sent off a low battery alarm. This alarm also woke the couple up who figured that the house was on fire and they managed to get out of the house right on time. The Red Cross assisted the family while the cause of the fire is being investigated.

Do make sure to see that all the smoke detectors present in your house are working and are not defective to prevent something serious from occurring.


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