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Believe it or not, libido is an important aspect of overall health and mental well-being. A low libido could be a sign of various health conditions, but it could also be a sign that there is something else going on.

While libido is not the stuff of legendary work conversations in the modern workplace, frustration over libido, or lack thereof, can lead to unhappiness, which affects productivity, and the bottom line of the businesses that employ them. The good news is that a comprehensive health assessment can test for potentially troublesome conditions related to low libido in men, while taking certain actions, can also help to boost libido and enhance the sexual experience for men suffering from a lack of interest.

Business should encourage employees dealing with low libido to consider an executive health check up to rule out potentially dangerous health conditions, first and foremost. This may include a comprehensive medical exam. It may even require some laboratory work. Once serious health concerns have been ruled out as potential factors, it’s time to focus on changes employees can make to give their libido a bit of a boost.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

People who are in great physical shape often have fewer concerns with libido. This includes things like eliminating belly fat, changing your eating habits, exercising – to improve circulation and blood flow, and taking care of contributing health conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes that could potentially lower libido in men.

Change Your Diet

Make healthier food choices all around. Look for healthy fats, like coconut oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and olive oil instead of foods that are prepared in unhealthy saturated fats. Also eat more plant-based foods and seafood. Oysters are an aphrodisiac for a reason. They are rich in zinc. While you don’t want to overdo it on the zinc (as it can suppress your immune system) adding a little more zinc into your diet can certainly add a little bit of zing to your sex drive.

Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep

Current recommendations are that you need at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to maintain a healthy libido. This means you have to consider other health conditions that could affect the quality of your sleep to such as sleep apnea and any other health condition that might have you making several trips to the bathroom at night. There are treatments for each of these conditions that can help you improve your sleep and, as a happy coincidence, your sex drive.

Eliminate Stress

While it is virtually impossible to get rid of all the stress in your life, taking steps to reduce the stress you experience will help improve your libido. The more stress you experience, the more cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is considered, by many, to be the root of all evil for men since your body stops producing testosterone in order to produce the cortisol. Managing stress with daily exercise, yoga, meditation, or even engaging in breathing exercises for as few as 10 minutes a day can cause huge improvements by reducing cortisol production while at the same time boosting your body’s production of testosterone, which essentially drives your sex drive.

Good executive wellness programs seek to treat the entire person. From a comprehensive health assessment to education about the things that impact health, your wellness program needs to be a full-service shop for all things health.


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