Citrus Compounds Against Risk Of Cancer


According to a new study based on people living in North Eastern Japan, consumption of citrus fruits on a daily basis has been found to be associated with a 11 and 14 percent reduction in the incidence of all types of cancer for men and women, respectively.

The said study was led by Wen-Qing Li from Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and he said: “Because of the popularity of citrus and green tea among the Japanese people, these findings suggest that a possible joint effect between them may have implications for public health.

However, we have no information on the difference between a second cup made from the same or another set of leaves, the same as most epidemiological surveys in Japan. In any event, the mechanism responsible for this joint effect needs to be clarified further.”

In addition, findings published in the International Journal of Cancer also indicate that co-consumption with one cup of green tea per day produced an enhanced protective effect.


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