Advice for Documenting Personal Preventive Healthcare Steps


Are you determined to lead a long, healthy and active lifestyle? While there is certainly no single formula for guaranteed longevity, there are proven steps to take to maintain strong health. Many of these steps are preventive in nature. With the constant blare from nearly every major media outlet on the latest health tests, cancer causing foods and extreme exercise regimes, it’s understandable to rush back to the safety and security of your sofa and remote control. Nothing has fundamentally changed in the best ways to take care of our bodies and stay healthy. What has changed, or more aptly put, advanced, is the onset of medical testing to identify health risks and establish baselines for your unique body type. Follow these basic recommendations from the health experts to start your journey of preventive healthcare steps.

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The first step is to make an appointment for a physical with your general practitioner. They may well recommend testing by a cardiologist or other specialist depending on the results of the physical. Schedule visits with your gynecologist, dermatologist and make an appointment for colonoscopy screening if you’re over age 45. Upload the dates and results of each of these visits on your Google Cloud G Suite for future access.  Set reminders on your calendar to have annual physicals, dermatology scans and gynecologist visits.

The next step is to get moving. Commit to simply taking a rigorous walk for twenty minutes every day. Enlist a friend, canine or otherwise, grab your earbuds or just enjoy the scenery. Don’t focus on speed or distance. The goal is to initially establish a habit of duration. Consider these daily twenty minutes to be a gift to yourself. You’re investing your physical well-being and establishing healthy, life-long habits. After a few weeks, begin to introduce hills and bursts of speed into your walks.

Finally, don’t sabotage your new found walking regime and preventive health care measure by making poor food choices. The single great improvement you can make in your daily diet is to eliminate fast food and sugary sodas from your diet.  Our bodies are simply not designed to process copious amounts of added sugar and sodium. The side effects can be devastating. Weight gain, bloating, high blood pressure and energy swings are just a few of the detrimental side effects. Learn to enjoy a cool glass of water flavored with slices of limes or lemons. Begin filling your grocery cart with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats and fish. Avoid overly processed foods with ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Enjoy the positive side effects of your new healthy living journey!

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