Gingko biloba Does Not Prevent Dementia


Andreas Kaspar
Gingko biloba supplements have long been touted to help improve memory and prevent the onset of dementia in Alzheimer’s disease patients. A new study involving 3,069 community volunteers age 75 years or older which were monitored over more than 6 years found however that Gingko biloba does not appear to be effective in preventing dementia.

The rate of total dementia did not differ between participants assigned to Ginkgo biloba vs. placebo (3.3 dementia cases/100 persons, per year exposed, among persons randomized to Ginkgo biloba vs. 2.9/100 persons, per year exposed, among persons randomized to placebo). The rate of Alzheimer-type dementia also did not differ between the two treatment groups (3.0/100 persons, per year exposed vs. 2.6/100 persons, per year exposed). Ginkgo biloba also had no effect on the rate of progression to dementia in participants with MCI.


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